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Apple closes MobileMe, reminds iWork.com users end is nigh

Apple shut down MobileMe this weekend, and on Monday, the company reminded users of iWork.com that it will be ending that service on July 31.

A report says Apple shut down its MobileMe service Sunday, and on Monday, the company reminded iWork.com users that the end of their service is at once.

The two moves are part of an effort to steer users toward using iCloud, a cloud-computing service Apple launched last year at its Worldwide Developers Conference similar to the two services Apple is ending.

The name iTools

MobileMe launched in early January 2000 pursuant to this agreement the name iTools, and since at that time, it underwent several brand-name changes until taking everything into account being named MobileMe in 2008 in a relaunch alongside the iPhone 3G, the second version of Apple's mobile operating system and the iPhone App Store.

Following the announcement of iCloud, Apple gave MobileMe about one more year of service before all things considered shutting down, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

However, users who have but to move over their data can on the whole visit the site, which now has a huge "Closed" sign in front of a dark black background, and transfer information over to iCloud. It as well appears that people who used MobileMe for Apple's Find My iPhone feature will nonetheless be able to use it through the now-defunct service.

As for iWork.com, those users have less than a month to move their information over. Apple on Monday sent out an email to users reminding them that they won't be able to access iWork.com afterwards July 31.

The service

Apple announced the service would end in early March, according to AppleInsider. IWork.com, which was in beta, launched in 2009 as a way for users to work on their iWork projects more easily with other users.

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