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Beware of Activist Holders

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, whose firm has invested in era-defining research companies like Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Groupon Inc., has words of caution for company founders: Beware activist shareholders.

Activists have spurred change numerous times, as seen by the recent exit of Yahoo Inc.'s chief executive and the pending breakups of McGraw-Hill Cos. and other big businesses. Nevertheless some of those investors "have taken a good thing too far," says Mr. Horowitz, a general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, one of Silicon Valley's fastest-growing venture-capital firms.

Powerful impact on the economy

Women make a powerful impact on the economy. How can companies harness the opportunities offered by this vital segment of the workforce? What's happening in specific industries - finance, research, science and health care, law, government, and media?...

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