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Communications unifiées : HP et Alcatel-Lucent dévoilent leur offre

Business - The two giants had entered into a partnership a year ago. The integration of VoIP over multi-vendor equipment is at the heart of solutions announced.

Objective: To create and commercialize solutions for communication and collaboration unified (C & CU) from one end to exploiting the convergence of telecommunications and information technology to transform services use C & CU, can be read in a statement.

Alcatel-Lucent will provide its technology bricks course including its architecture open IP telephony, service conference calls Genesys, its sequel OmniTouch Instant Communication and IP Telephony offering OmniPCX Enterprise.

HP will help customers better leverage their investments through UC & C platform to manage customer interactions Genesys to connect UC solutions, as well as following OmniTouch Instant Communication and IP Telephony offering, Alcatel-Lucent - OmniPCX Enterprise, says the OEM.

Finally, the two partners will develop industrial applications for unified communications and collaboration. HP will use advanced communication server Alcatel-Lucent to provide an integration layer C & CU in all sectors, including health, financial services, utilities and governments.

More information: Zdnet
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