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Dell Helps Schools Increase Access to Technology

Dell launched today a new Dell Wyse solution and special offer that will provide more students with secure access to digital learning resources, and help schools concentrate less on managing their technology during providing more time for teachers to concentrate on what matters most - helping students reach their full potential.

Dell is providing U.S. schools that are implementing any-device, anywhere computing an easy-to-deploy and manage desktop virtualization solution featuring a Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions Simplified Appliance, powered by a Dell PowerEdge 12th generation server and Citrix VDI-in-a-Box Software with a Dell Wyse T10 thin client for $500* per seat. This special offer is valid through Aug. 31.

To help schools furthermore simplify device management and expand student access to research, Dell as well today launched the new Dell Wyse E00 zero client-a zero-touch, budget-friendly, energy-efficient device that builds on the success of Dell Wyse E01 and Dell Wys E02 zero customers. Enabling shared computing access for up to 15 students per server** using Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 software, the E00 can consume substantially less power than a conventional PC helping school districts make the most of their innovation budgets. The Dell Wyse E00 addresses the need for affordable, secure technology in other words easy to set up and run, during delivering a great desktop experience for students.

"School leaders around the world are facing an unprecedented need to increase technology, collaboration and to meet each student's in a class by itself learning needs all while in accordance with pressure to leverage funding in the best possible way to support every student's learning outcomes. We're excited that with Wyse we're providing true end-to-end solutions that give students more access to technology during reducing the cost and complexity of desktop virtualization for schools."

Dell Inc. is committed to helping students develop the knowledge and skills they need to learn and succeed in an increasingly digital world and a globally competitive workforce. As the top provider of research and services to schools, Dell listens to and works with students, educators, administrators, parents and community members around the world to deliver innovative innovation and services that give them the power to do more in and out of the classroom. Learn more about Dell in Education at www.dell.com. Follow us on Twitter @DellEDU.

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