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Elastic COBOL™ Freely Available for the Raspberry Pi

Heirloom Computing, the Silicon Valley software company with a mission to enable existing applications to seamlessly participate in cloud computing infrastructures, today announced the availability of its innovative Elastic COBOL product on the remarkable Raspberry Pi.

"It may seem a stretch to believe that today's generation of aspiring young programmers can help bridge the skills gap in other words looming over the COBOL market. But, the quiet reality is that with 75% of the world's business data being processed by COBOL systems today, enterprises will nevertheless have substantial, and like as not even larger, workloads being processed by COBOL in 10-15 years from now," said Gary Crook, Heirloom's President and CEO. "The industry has long struggled with effective ways to address this increasingly difficult problem, and though the goals here are ambitious, we strongly believe that it is going to take vehicles like the Raspberry Pi to make a significant & sustainable impact."

More information: Prweb
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