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Pano Logic Reinvents Cloud Computing for the Desktop

REDWOOD CITY, CA — Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization, today announced Pano System for Cloud, the lowest cost desktop computing platform for organizations moving to web-based applications. Pano System for Cloud eliminates the need for a local operating system and central processing unit and delivers web-based computing, using Google's Chrome browser as the interface.

Pano System for Cloud is the most cost-effective computing platform available for many businesses, schools, governments and other organizations seeking an alternative to PC-based or thin client models that rely on costly end user software and hardware. The platform centralizes all computing activities in the cloud; end users see a familiar browser interface and use software-as-a-service solutions or web-based applications to do their work. Other web-based computing solutions on the whole require endpoint processing, increasing the overall cost by 50 percent over the new Pano System for Cloud, which utilizes a new low cost Pano Zero Client, the G2M. The new platform as well strips away costly infrastructure layers including software licensing, expensive SAN or NAS hardware and ongoing operational expenses.

The economics of enterprise computing

"Pano Logic is disrupting the economics of enterprise computing and providing a true cloud computing platform for organizations embracing cloud-based productivity applications," John Kish, President and CEO of Pano Logic, said. "For those organizations that don't require a full Windows environment, the transition is seamless with immediate benefits. The end user sees the Chrome browser interface. The IT manager sees a simple management console. The CTO sees staff spending less time managing the desktop. The CIO sees a path to the cloud. And the CFO sees savings adding up."
"Desktop virtualization started the migration of computing furthermore away from the end user and into the cloud environment," Karin Kelley, analyst at 451 Technology, said. "VDI is just one of many ways to do this. By extending their reach to cloud-based data and web applications, Pano Logic can support more use cases with the endpoint device acting as a mere conduit."

Pano System for Cloud is an extension of the core innovation in Pano System for VDI. Pano's VDI platform is a complete end-to-end, hardware-and-software virtual desktop solution that independently interoperates with all three leading hypervisors and their management systems.

Pano Logic's endpoint device, the Pano Zero Client, represents the only true zero client desktop virtualization solution on the market. It is a solid-state device that has no processor, no storage, no memory and no operating system. The Pano Zero Client completely eliminates endpoint support and maintenance, fully enabling the benefits of centralized management of a Windows desktop environment and eliminates endpoint dependence in a cloud environment. The small form factor consumes 97 percent less power than PCs, 50 percent less power than thin customers or other so-called zero customers, and do not store data locally, fully eliminating endpoint security liabilities.

The total cost of ownership of computing

Pano System for VDI is suited for organizations that require Windows-based environments however are seeking to dramatically slash the total cost of ownership of computing, simplify end user management and enhance security. Pano System for Cloud is targeted at a range of organizations that require only web-based computing. All Pano zero customers support either environment.

Pano System for Cloud is available suddenly through Pano Logic's global network of resellers. For more information, visit www.Panologic.com/Pano-System/Cloud.

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