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Google I/O in San Francisco showed us the key new developments in Google products from Android to Google+. Here's what we've learned so far:

Android Jelly Bean, aka Android 4.1, is the latest version of Google's Android operating system for smartphones and tablets. FYI: Jelly Bean is Android 4.1.

Boasting a new predictive keyboard Jelly Bean will now offer offline voice typing. Earlier users had to be online to do that. Sporting a new camera app as so then as expansive notifications Jelly Bean will be released to the open source community in mid July and the SDK is currently available at developer.android.com.

It's relies heavily on Google's Knowledge Graph, which attempts to understand what you're as a matter of fact looking for in other words than just scanning search criteria, and should benefit from Google's 2010 acquisition of voice specialists Phonetic Arts for its voice output.

Google announced the Nexus Q – an Android-powered sphere built for the home that offers media streaming and social networking features – at Google IO 2012.

Small Android-powered computer

Described as a "small Android-powered computer," the Nexus Q is a near spherical device that ties in with Android devices for cloud streaming of Google media content from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices.

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