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Rackspace debuts OpenStack cloud servers

Rackspace currently has over 180,000 clients of its hosted services. The company offers Windows and Linux servers, content delivery network services, and .Net and PHP hosting, all with associated management and monitoring services.

Starting Wednesday, when new clients log into Rackspace to requisition servers, they will interact with Rackspace Open Cloud services, which is based on the OpenStack Nova compute component. Rackspace has run the Swift object storage component of OpenStack for over 2 years for its Cloud Files storage service; it created the research in-house and at the time contributed its code when it co-founded the OpenStack project.

Customer signs up for a new cloud server

"When a customer signs up for a new cloud server, it will be powered with Nova cloud computing fabric. Historically, it has been powered using our legacy codebase," Curry said. Rackspace servers are priced from $0.022 per hour for a Linux server with 512MB of working memory. A Windows server, with 1GB of working memory, starts at $0.08 per hour, or $58.40 per month.

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