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10 New Product Prototypes Emerged in the 5th Edition of In50Hrs

In50Hrs is a Weekend Hackathon organized by The Startup Centre, where people passionate about innovation get at the same time to transform ideas into working prototypes previously a weekend is out. The fifth edition of In50Hrs took place last weekend in Chennai, where 10 new Product Prototypes were emerged.

The 10 Product Prototypes

One among the 10 Product Prototypes was a streaming media player built by three students from SSN College, by putting a small piece of hardware called Raspberry PI on to the projector to stream codes. It has a play list similar to Google Nexus. The user interface can be accessed with your existing phone, where one can click the video or music to start playing.

On the evening of Sunday, July 22, 2012, the participants presented their prototypes to a jury consisting of Business Heads, Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists. This year's jury featured Sam Mehta, Atlas Venturez; Rahul Chowdhri, Helion Ventures; Bharati Jacob, Seedfund; Subbu Murugan, Ventuno Tech; Bejul Somaia, Lightspeed Ventures and Lakshmanan Narayan, Unmetric.

In50Hrs is led by Vijay Anand, an Indian entrepreneur who is passionate about technologies related to mobile, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and emerging internet space. He is a founding member of The Startup Centre and as well the founder of Proto.in. His other affiliations include Barcamp Chennai; Wikicamp, Blogcamp, Podworks, Open Coffee Club Chennai.

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