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2012 Future of Cloud Computing Survey Exposes Hottest Trends in Cloud Adoption

North Bridge Venture Partners today announced the results of its second annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey. Supported by 39 industry collaborators spanning established leaders, emerging, fast-growth companies, and startups - the 2012 survey captures current industry perceptions, sentiments and emerging trends in cloud computing. This year's collaborators include companies just as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Eucalyptus, and Glasshouse. A total of 785 respondents spanning industry experts, users and vendors participated in the survey. Respondents were asked about a wide range of key issues impacting cloud computing, including drivers for cloud computing, inhibitors, best practices, sourcing, total cost of ownership, cloud's impact on multiple business sectors, and emerging cloud technologies. The survey provides many insights into the adoption of cloud computing, including the cloud configurations and applications that are forming around specific business needs including Big Data, business continuity, collaboration and storage.

The survey results were released today at the cloud leadership dinner in advance of the 2012 GigaOM Structure Conference. North Bridge and GigaOM - both actively researching cloud analytics and innovation investment, are pleased to announce that they will closely partner on the Future of Cloud initiative and plan to unveil a new program prior to GigaOM Structure 2013. This year's survey reveals several important changes in respondents' perceptions and plans regarding cloud implementation.

"Our second annual survey has revealed that companies are growing increasingly confident in the cloud. During agility and scalability continue to be primary drivers for cloud adoption, IT decision makers are beginning to trust the cloud with more mission-critical applications like eCommerce. Moreover, the identification of 'cloud formations' around the hottest business trends including big data and analytics by both vendors and IT decision makers alike highlights new opportunities for Cloud. Thanks to the efforts of our partners, collaborators and survey participants from industry leaders, to emerging players and startups, we have gained a deeper understanding of how this transformational innovation will evolve and impact business." - Michael Skok, partner, North Bridge Venture Partners

The second straight year

"For the second straight year, the Future of Cloud Computing survey has confirmed some of 451 Group's recent innovation. It appears that there is growing familiarity and trust of public cloud accompanied by a desire to move beyond one's own internal infrastructure, cloud or not. This is an understandable trend as the public cloud has existed for some time, presented enough options and has had time to progress from test or POC deployments to production implementations, which is reinforced by other responses. The move away from internally-hosted to public and hybrid clouds reflects the need and desire to integrate with other technologies, vendors and ecosystems. This year's survey proves organizations want flexibility along with scalability." - Jay Lyman, Senior Analyst, 451 Group.

North Bridge Venture Partners is an active, bi-coastal, early-stage venture capital firm based in Boston, Massachusetts and San Mateo, California. Established in 1994, North Bridge provides seed-to-growth financing and company-building expertise. At the same time with North Bridge Growth Equity, our mid-market focused growth capital fund, North Bridge manages over $3 billion. For North Bridge Venture Partners, success is derived through a partnership with entrepreneurs that produce industry-leading companies in large emerging markets. Historically, the firm's partners have played a significant role in organizing, starting and building successful companies. Working by common consent with entrepreneurs, North Bridge adds value by providing strategic guidance, sharing operating experience, industry specific knowledge, team-building skills and an in-depth understanding of both private and public financings. North Bridge's sector focus includes Software, Communications & Infrastructure, Healthcare Research, Digital Media, and Materials. For more information about North Bridge, go to www.nbvp.com.

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