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A New Generation of Lead Gen Is Required In Today's Market

The last decade online business has seen incredible growth on the internet according to Route 72 Systems. The days of "request to quote" lead generation have literary died on the wine. Companies are now using email white paper distribution methods to create leads with great success.West Caldwell, NJ June 04, 2012

Way to break the ice

"We needed to figure out a way to break the ice and get a new lead to opt-in. We knew the power of white papers and brought our B2B email marketing expertise into this type of content distribution," states Jim Alamia, Technologist of Route 72 Systems. A critical component for email lead generation is to engage your audience, provide solutions to problems and help business executives make better decisions.

White papers were at first introduced as government reports or technical papers that explained sophisticated technical products. Marketers are using these types of documents to educate prospects, demonstrate problems and how to solve them. Even though white papers have been around since the early 2000's, business executives can see how then email marketing, white paper distribution and marketing automation are working in unison to produce the best results.

Route 72 has partnered with B2BWhitePaperLibrary.com to offer an ROI driven solution for niche B2B business verticals. The site currently offers a large selection of product solutions just as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), CRM, ERP and online security specific white papers.

James Alamia created Route 72 Systems LLC, spending the last 15 years tweaking and refining lead generation practices and marketing tactics used by his company. With more than 16 million B2B emails and more than 89 million consumer email lists, it is not difficult to setup an effective campaign that will get results.

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