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AMCC's Design Center in Bangalore

The company had before opened a design center in Pune. The new center in Bangalore is expected to provide advanced design and development of AppliedMicro's computing and connectivity solutions, thereby offering significant value to its innovation technological capabilities.

The cloud computing space

Applied Micro continues to design innovative products in the cloud computing space. The company expects to deliver the latest technologically advanced products provided by both the Bangalore and Pune centers.

The design center Bangalore, the innovation hub of India, is expected to draw the best talent in the industry and boost the company's progress in cloud computing. The design center is expected to facialiate the company's strategy in the development of its flagship product, "X-Gene," which is a processor required for at once-generation cloud computing, wireless infrastructure, enterprise networking, and storage and security applications.

The center is as well expected to accelerate the development of AppliedMicro's then generation Optical Transport Network and physical layer products.

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