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AT&T CEO says too early to talk about Facetime pricing

Randall Stephenson tries to squash the rumor at Forbes conference in a talk about the need for more spectrum and other topics, including voice calls on airplanes and Yahoo's new CEO.

"It's too early. We're working with Apple right now to work out stabilizing -- it's too early to talk about pricing," he said earlier moving on to another topic.

The head of the nation's second largest network spoke a lot about what takes up data and the need for more spectrum at the conference held in Aspen, Colo.

He said other options the company is looking into include small cell research and spectrum-sharing with the government.

Regarding Yahoo's recent appointment of ex-Google executive Marissa Mayer as its news CEO, Stephenson said he's happy that Yahoo has hired an industry veteran, particularly since AT&T is reliant on the tech company for its e-mail services and broadband portal connection.

The availability of voice calls on airplanes

When asked about the availability of voice calls on airplanes, Stephenson said it's a matter of when and not if, nevertheless it will depend on the companies who provide Internet access on planes. He said when companies refine the model for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the service can be usable. It may not happen in the then and there year, yet "it seems inevitable."

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