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Augme's Patent Licensing Is Key To Getting Ahead

About Augme, and the role of IP for start-up business, Stout, as well a partner at Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP told Gametime IP, "Companies in emerging industries enhance their ability to compete by incorporating a value-generating IP strategy." When start-ups leverage their intellectual property, they not only protect their research space, nevertheless further provide a return for investors. As long as companies continue to do this, investors have an additional incentive to fund new research growth. Stout agreed with the sentiment, adding:

Quality patents, strategically deployed, support young operating businesses and provide investors additional ways to achieve return. Rights these businesses can generate internally, acquire from others, and license will move them to a higher level faster. It as well helps to have the capital and commitment to get there.

Stout's mention of acquiring patents from others hints at another of Augme's current strategies. Two days earlier Judge McMahon's decision to move the case toward trial, Augme announced its acquisition of Geos Communications IP Holdings, Inc for $355,000 in cash and $4 Million in stock. By virtue of the acquisition, Augme "acquired 5 U. S. patents covering Voice over Internet Protocol and other critical mobility inventions and 7 U. S. patent applications and 18 pending international patent applications covering related invention families within the field of mobile VoIP."

By acquiring IP assets outside of its current core focus, Augme adds both depth and breadth to its portfolio. Win, lose or draw in its trial against AOL, one thing is clear: Augme's interest in licensing patented research are likely far from over.

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