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BeAnywhere surpasses one million remote support sessions in 2012

The first half of 2012 has marked the most successful period of BeAnywhere. With several users joining weekly, BeAnywhere is as well growing rapidly from increased international acceptance. Recent studies specify continued growing demand for IT Support services all over the world, motivated by the upsurge of consumer-computer interactions. Globalization, environmental apprehensions, distributed teams, are driving the need to virtual communications and different work styles, so companies around the world are rushing their need to provide these capabilities to their employees and their personal clients.

The support session

• Helpdesk Centers can now define specific terms of service for the support session and require them to be accepted by the client on running the support applet.

About BeAnywhere BeAnywhere is a company specialized in cloud computing solutions, with leading products in the remote access, remote support, data security and data leak prevention markets. The target market is companies and end users. Our goal is to provide innovative software-as-a-service solutions, based on exclusive and easy to manage innovation, which can be used by companies of any dimension. Founded in 1996, BeAnywhere has offices in three continents, data centers in Europe, Asia and United States. Our international sales, development and support teams work around the clock to provide our customers simple, complete and safe solutions that assure the maximum return in investment. BeAnywhere belongs to Leading Capital, a group with interests in information Innovation and Media.

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