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Big Data Hosting

For enterprise consultancy, cloud platforms and tools just as enterprise integration framework and development software can be used to provide line-of-business, e-commerce and system integration services.  And the nice thing about Big Data is that it helps provide opportunities to build financially sustainable services.

Large market for cloud computing

While there is a large market for cloud computing and mobility solutions, one of the services that consultants are seeing traction with is through offering Big Data analytics, especially in the Healthcare and Automotive verticals.  The nice thing is that these engagements are for the most part lengthy and comprehensive, which is important for consulting firms who survive on stable, long-term projects to help raise cash flow and utilization rates to help lower overall cost of sales.

There is a huge emerging Big Data industry with actual growing revenue opportunities.  Right now we are all in all at a hype stage, nevertheless when it does get past it, there will be a significant need for Big Data consultancy firms.

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