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Bright CEO Matthijs van Leeuwen to Present "Extending HPC Clusters into Amazon EC2" at HP-CAST

Bright Computing today announced that Matthijs van Leeuwen will present the Bright Cluster Manager® solution for cloud bursting, as part of the Cluster and Workflow Management track at HP-CAST in Hamburg, Germany. HP-CAST is a premier consortium for advanced scientific computing organized by Hewlett-Packard.San Jose, CA June 10, 2012

Dr. van Leeuwen will as well present the use of Bright’s data aware scheduling capability for the cloud. Bright automatically makes the data required for compute jobs accessible in the cloud previously the start of computation, and at that time moves the results back to the user upon completion. This capability eliminates the need to manually initiate and then and there monitor data movement, saving both time and cloud computing costs.

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