VoIP Business and Virtual PBX

Budget Virtual Phone System Recently Released

FlyNumber releases its virtual phone system to the public for free. Each FlyNumber comes with the ability to be configured with the PBX and take advantage of its many different configurations. Very competitively priced at $2.95 a month for most US and Canada numbers, this includes unlimited calls when using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

FlyNumber offers local phone numbers in over 60 countries and the ability to configure them the way you want. You can point the FlyNumber to an Regular Phone Number, Asterisk, a Gtalk , or SIP address of your choice. Each phone number comes with 2 free incoming channels. When forwarding the calls to a "Regular Phone number" anywhere in the world- enjoy the low per minute rates.

The FlyNumber as a local access number

You can as well use the FlyNumber as a "local access number", this enables the user to buy a phone number "local to them" and use it to make outgoing/international phone calls.

More information: Prweb