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Business Cloud Adoption Living Up to Hype

According to the company, 64 percent of surveyed firms are increasing their SaaS cloud spending this year. 37 percent said they are spending more money on IaaS and 22 percent on PaaS. Strategy Analytics said that scalability, visibility, and manageability are keys to cloud adoption, nevertheless security, reliability and availability downtime remain the top issues that keep businesses from moving faster to cloud solutions.

"Organizations have been relying on business cloud services including email, CRM, and web and audio conferencing for more than a decade," said analyst Mark Levitt in a prepared statement.

"This Strategy Analytics survey shows that a majority of corporations have abandoned traditional on-premise software deployments for many types of application and infrastructure software. Public and private cloud computing is now the norm, not the exception."

F*ck the cloud. the adoption of Cloud is the last stage for companies to COMPLETLY control our personal information and files. Internet will start to get censored because of this fu*king piece of sh1t called cloud

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