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Cellphone Plans Could Be Data-Only in 2 Years

Instead of seeing separate charges on your phone bill for data and voice, the services might before long be wrapped up into one data-service plan. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said Friday that cell plans could be data-only within the at once 24 months, so separate voice and text messaging charges could be absorbed.

He didn’t say AT&T had such plans in the works, however the research is there, to cut a long story short is a new pattern of use by smartphone owners. Mobile minutes are down for AT&T, but texting and messaging apps continue to flourish. And, services like Skype and other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) customers make it easier to place calls on a mobile device using the data service.

The video above to learn more

Check out the video above to learn more. Tell us in the comments: Do you use your mobile device’s data service to place calls? Do you think mobile carriers should offer data-only plans?

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