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Cheap Voip, Inc. Partners with Future Nine Corporation to Offer Wholesale Voip

Cheap VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Inc. - an up and coming provider of low cost VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service - has partnered with Future Nine Corporation - a leading provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service - to offer wholesale VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) termination to businesses and consumers worldwide.New York, NY July 05, 2012

Existing VOIP phone service provider - Cheap Voip Inc

By partnering with Future Nine - an existing VOIP phone service provider - Cheap Voip Inc. is able to leverage Future Nine's existing infrastructure and experience to deliver quality and problem-free service to clients world-wide.

Cheap Voip Inc. has been featured on a number of VOIP comparison sites, including Cheap Voip Providers - a site which compares calling rates to nearly every destination on the planet between major Voice Over IP providers. Not surprisingly, Cheap Voip Inc offers the best rate to nearly every destination compared.

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