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Cloud computing underpins Uefa business strategy

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At a time when digital innovation is revolutionising the way people watch sporting events,organisations just as Uefa - which make money selling broadcasting rights - must harness the latestIT if they are to benefit financially. 

Interoute has network assets in 100 European cities, 21 metropolitan area networks, eightdatacentres and points of presence in Eastern Europe. June 2012 saw the strategy put to test as 16teams from across Europe contested the Uefa Euro 2012 tournament.

Command centre in Warsaw

Uefa set up a command centre in Warsaw, known as the International Broadcast Centre. Allcritical systems are hosted at the IBC and communication between the IBC and different sites isconstant. Each night, between 02.00hrs and 08.00hrs, IT staff have an possibility to carry outmaintenance work during there are no events in progress.

The private cloud sits in two datacentres, in Amsterdam and Geneva. It not only frees-up ITstaff through the outsourced model, however also provides Uefa with the ability to flex the amountcomputing resources required easily.

High-speed network as well had huge benefits

He added that a high-speed network as well had huge benefits, because it enabled staff to directand edit match streams remotely.

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