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CloudPassage Extends Halo to Cloud-y Windows Servers

The company found in a recent survey that 74% of cloud users are running a mix of both Windows and Linux servers in the cloud

Starting July 24, CloudPassage will extend its SaaS Halo cloud server security to cloud servers running Windows in public and hybrid cloud environments.

The company found in a recent survey that 74% of cloud users are running a mix of both Windows and Linux servers in the cloud.

It estimates that Windows servers, which are exposed to exploits just as the recent RDP vulnerabilities announced by Microsoft, make up more than 40% of the public IaaS market. Halo guards against attacks in the cloud and protects RDP and other sensitive services, during automating other Windows cloud server security tasks.

Obviously it helps that the security is automated particularly in highly scalable deployments and handles security policies across Windows and Linux servers as a single group.

Halo includes GhostPorts multi-factor authentication, which now supports SMS authentication for cloud servers to help clients control access to administrative and other applications. CloudPassage says protecting access to administrative servers like Windows RDP is critical in the cloud, where there is no outer layer of access control and administrative ports are often left open to the world.

The coming Windows 2008R1

Besides the coming Windows 2008R1 and R2 support, Halo supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Amazon Linux. It runs on servers in any public or private cloud environment, including Amazon EC2, Rackspace, GoGrid, VMware, OpenStack and other virtualization and cloud stacks.

Windows support will be available across all Halo packages - Basic, NetSec and Professional. Halo NetSec is priced on a utility basis at the rate of 3.5 cents per server-hour, and Halo Professional at 10 cents per server-hour. The company says volume discounts are automatically applied as usage increases, and additional discounts are available with monthly minimum usage commitments.

The most read research reporter for the past 20 years

Maureen O'Gara the most read research reporter for the past 20 years, is the Cloud Computing and Virtualization News Desk editor of SYS-CON Media. She is the publisher of famous "Billygrams" and the editor-in-chief of "Client/Server News" for more than a decade. One of the most respected innovation reporters in the business, Maureen can be reached by email at maureen(at)sys-con.com or paperboy(at)g2news.com, and by phone at 516 759-7025. Twitter: @MaureenOGara

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