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Collaboration in Innovation and Commercialization of Key Technologies Across the Pacific

HSINCHU, TAIWAN — Industrial Innovation Research Institute, Taiwan's largest and one of the world's leading high-tech research and development institutions, announces its 2012 ITRI Forum and Career Fair, Collaboration in Research and Commercialization Across the Pacific. The event, scheduled on June 25, 2012, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Milpitas, Calif., will draw Silicon Valley innovation leaders, venture capitalists and job candidates hoping to secure one of 50 positions available across ITRI's major research areas.

The conference program will include a Innovation

The conference program will include a Innovation and Business Showcase highlighting some of ITRI's latest technologies in intelligent automation and robotics for 3C assembly, energy efficiency in buildings, biomedical optical imaging systems, bio-based materials and chemicals, and mobile cloud applications. Some of these topics will be explored in depth while individual afternoon focus sessions.

A plenary session moderated by Richard Dasher, Ph.D., director of the U.S.-Asia Innovation Management Center at Stanford University, will focus on cross-Pacific collaboration in technology and commercialization between the U.S. and Japan. The session includes opening remarks from Dr. Jyuo-Min Shyu, president of ITRI; Horst Simon from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discussing collaboration with ITRI on green technologies for energy efficiency and buildings; and Herb Lin, president of ITRI's Industrial Research Investment Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITRI focused on private equity and venture capital strategies for emerging technologies across Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, the U.S. and Japan. Mr. Lin will discuss the importance of ITRI's research and development commercialization and collaboration with U.S. industries, national laboratories and universities.

The Career Fair

At the Career Fair, ITRI will recruit for 50 positions located in Taiwan across all major innovation areas covered by ITRI. Candidates with a master's or a doctoral degree in science, innovation, engineering or related fields will attend the Career Fair and apply for open positions. ITRI departments currently recruiting are the Cloud Computing Center for Mobile Applications, Service Systems Research Center, Biomedical and Device Research Labs, Electronics and Optoelectronics, Mechanical and Systems, Green Energy and Environment, Information and Communication Research Labs.

About ITRI Founded in 1973, Industrial Innovation Research Institute is Taiwan's largest and one of the world's leading high-tech R&D institutions. Since its inception, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan's economy from a labor-intensive industry to a high-tech industry. Numerous then-known, high-tech companies in Taiwan, just as leaders in the semiconductor industry TSMC and UMC, can trace their origins to ITRI.

Expediting the development of new industrial technologies Aiding in the process of upgrading industrial innovation techniques Shaping the future of industrial technologies for greater efficiency and sustainability

Innovative Research ITRI is so then-positioned to be a pioneer of industry with brand new ideas for strengthening multi-disciplinary R&D strategies and technology. Through its forward-looking R&D efforts, ITRI is: enhancing software, systems and services; strengthening industrial services; and focusing on research in the green energy and biomedical fields. ITRI encourages collaboration across its diverse areas of research and advanced research talent at its state-of-the-art green R&D facility. This teamwork benefits industrial development and ultimately creates economic value for Taiwan.

Fostering Entrepreneurship and CEO Leadership ITRI employs 5,778 personnel, including 1,301 who hold Ph.D.s and 3,158 with master's degrees, resulting in an average of five patents produced every day. By disseminating both research and talent, ITRI has led the research industry into the 21st century and has cultivated 70 CEOs in the local high-tech industry. To boot to its headquarters in Taiwan, ITRI has branch offices in the California Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Berlin and Moscow.

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