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Collaboration technologies ensure LOCOG doesn't drop the baton organising the Olympics

At the heart of this need to collaborate sits innovation provided by Cisco, in the form of its Webex tool, which as part of its remit as a major sponsor to the Games is providing 6,500 licences to LOCOG, most of which are now in use as the opening ceremony approaches.

The organisation has used this collaboration research to help it work internally and with nations from across the world to organise the world's greatest sporting event, as Akshay Thakur, Cisco's business development manager for London 2012, explained to The INQUIRER.

"Webex was able to offer LOCOG a secure mechanism to conduct meetings with nations' Olympic committees, or rather than having to rely on consumer-grade tools. It as well ensures a consistent quality of service that other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services can't match as it's a dedicated enterprise grade tool."

More information: Theinquirer
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