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Columbia Falls could ban cell phones while driving

COLUMBIA FALLS- Just days afterwards Hamilton enacted a ban on the use of cell phones during driving, Columbia Falls is as well considering its own prohibition on dialing and driving.

Hamilton became the smallest city in the state to enact a cell phone ban on Tuesday, joining other places like Whitefish and Bozeman in prohibiting the use of cell phones altogether.

The council has scheduled a public hearing on the proposed ban for June 18th. Like the ordinances enacted by other Montana cities, the Columbia Falls law covers the broad spectrum of "electronic communication devices" and not just cell phones.

The ordinance as written

The ordinance as written would involve "wireless or cellular phones, personal digital assistances, blackberries, smartphones, laptop and notebook computers utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) research, wireless and cellular phones utilizing push to talk innovation, GPS systems, navigational systems, and any other mobile communication devices and transmittals to permit wireless communication to and from the user of the device."

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