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The invention of public switched telephone networks has facilitated our lives to a great extent. The first telephone devices revolutionized inter-human communication and innovation has made a lot of progress ever since. Cordless phones are the standard today: people need to be flexible since their work life often takes more and more precedence.

Lot of multitasking

Their home time demands a lot of multitasking, the cooking has to be done during they’re on the phone with family and friends and many even have to get some work done afterwards getting in the evening.

Cordless phones are consequently an essential part of modern life, however all phones are not the same, there are a lot of differences especially concerning the features they provide. Some models resemble cell phones: they allow you to send text messages and at times even have SIM card readers so that you can transfer data from your cell to your house telephone. An integrated speaker phone for hands-free communication is a must for all those who don’t have much time and along these lines have to do other things during talking on the phone.

New Technologies and Cheap SolutionsThe introduction of the Internet has opened new ways of communication: instant messaging and video chats are a nice possibility to keep in touch with friends and family who don’t live nearby. A globalized world where friends and family are scattered all over the world demands new tools that allow people to communicate with each other no matter the distance. A new development has been introduced on the telecommunication market a few years ago that enables you to maintain contact with people in other countries and to save money; it’s called Voice over IP.

How to Call Someone via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)This innovative research allows you to call someone by the help of a broadband Internet connection. Traditional landlines often are very expensive when it comes to calling someone who lives abroad. In order to telephone via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) you need a phone in other words VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)-enabled, most of the new phones automatically have this feature. Furthermore information about different models can be obtained here. These phones connect to your network via Wi-Fi; traditional phones need an analogue telephone adapter in order to operate calls via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The speed of your Internet connection as well is an important factor since slow connections can lead to a bad call quality.

Advantages of VoIPEspecially for businesses VoIP is a good means to handle all the different ways of communication and to bring them at the same time in one single innovation. Packages that include features just as voice Email, voice fax and conference calls can be ordered should the contingency arise to traditional VoIP plans. This offers several ways to stay connected to employees as then as customers, a factor that might lead to better productivity. VoIP is the future of communication, many companies and private persons already use it and are satisfied.

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