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CSP Optimism is Boon to Cloud Players

In the latest survey conducted byCA Technologies(CA), the North American cloud service providers surveyedrevealed that around half of their clients were opting forprivate cloud services, during around 32.0% have chosen public cloudservices. The latest survey as well reveals that CSPs expect to growtheir businesses by 30.0% in 2012.

With technology in virtualization and distributed computing,corporate network and datacenter administrators have effectivelybecome service providers that meet the needs of their "clients"within the corporation.

Moreover, in 2012, the CSPs adopted strategies to furtherincrease revenue, out of which 55% included respondents who wouldincrease their marketing activities, during 46.0% planned to createnew cloud services to expand their existing offerings. Moreover,31.0% will make investments to specialize in vertical markets. Thediffering strategies indicate that the market is proving lucrativeto a large number of players that are in a word trying todifferentiate their offerings to focus on customer acquisition.

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