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CTIA 2012 to Feature D2 Technologies' Doug Makishima on VoLTE

With Voice over Internet Protocol rapidly becoming a big alternative to the tax-laden land-line concept, it's not surprising that some are wondering if it will migrate to the mobile phone markets as so then.

Panel dubbed Deploying VoLTE

Makishima will run a panel dubbed "Deploying VoLTE: The Then and there Horizon in Mobile Voice" as part of FierceWireless' Path to 4G Conference within the CTIA event. While his presentation, he'll address questions about the emergence of Voice over LTE (Long Term Evolution, latest standard in the mobile network technology) networks, and the problems that wide rollouts of such innovation will bring with it in the United States market.

The panel will as well bring in discussion of other at once-generation mobile voice services, and how such services can be used as revenue generators for mobile carriers.

Makishima won't be alone on this front, but, as a variety of other presenters will be on hand including Chris Pearson, president of 4G Americas; Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO of Mavenir Systems; and session moderator Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, who as well serves as director of mobile broadband opportunities at Strategy Analytics.

The Path to 4G Conference itself

The Path to 4G Conference itself, in the meantime, won't be just that panel, nevertheless will as well serve as a way to provide a full overview of the 4G industry itself, including core components like networks, backhaul, services and pricing plans. They as well look to put up a state of the industry report, and include input from a variety of sources from chip and device makers to industry association and even content providers and cable companies.

But with conferences like these in prospect, hopefully all the great minds in the networking scheme can get at the same time and come up with some solutions for all those people out there who love their 4G speeds, however wish they could have that speed for things other than text previously losing them.

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