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Looking for cheap cell phones, internet services and the best phone service rates. Joe the Coupon Guy has you covered in his deals of the week.

Service called Jajah

If you want to save on long distance phone calls you should use a service called Jajah. You can sign up for the service right here.  For registered users, calls are free to many places around the world. Can't beat that. Even calls to unregistered users are as a matter of fact cheap.  They range from about 3 cents a minute to Europe and to about 50 cents to certain remote countries.  Nevertheless again if you want the free calls make sure the people you call are registered with Jajah too.

If you are looking for a free cell phone they aren't typically too hard to fine. Most carriers offered many phones for free afterwards rebate. If you don't find the phone you like free at the store make sure you check the carrier's Internet site to see if they have the phone you want their.

Internet service is a competitive market nevertheless if you don't use it a lot you can get it for free. Both Netzero and Juno offer free Dial-Up services. Netzero has a 200Mb limit per month for free dial-up.  Juno allows 10 hours of free internet per month.

More information: Msnbc.msn