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Dish TV opens new frontier of attack against MSOs

For Dish TV, the move will open up a new frontier of attack. By offering an incentive to the LCOs who have historically earned their livelihood through cable networks, India’s largest DTH operator hopes to add subscribers more rapidly when consumers will have to choose either digital cable or DTH if they want to watch television in the digitised era.

Presentation held previously

In a presentation held previously, Dish TV COO V K Gupta told LCOs that Dish TV will not interact with the clients in any way and, to sum up, there was no fear of any clients being taken away. The cable operators will only have to provide the ID number, the SAF number and the VC number on the software developed to that end, which can be used from a tablet or even an android phone.

WWIL COO Anil Malhotra said Siticable was presently offering 400 standards and 30 HD TV channels and the number would go up as directed by Trai. To boot, the STBs would be able to provide facilities like 4G, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) etc.

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