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Document Delivery Service and Social Media

Today, Infotrieve, a leading service provider of cloud based document delivery service, released the first in a new series of thought leadership briefings on how secure social media and collaboration is dramatically altering the landscape of scientific document delivery. The briefing is titled “Cloud-based computing and secure social media: Enhancing business value for enterprises reliant on content for research and collaboration.” The briefing was designed to help CIOs, IT leaders and users of corporate libraries understand how cloud computing as a platform can facilitate a host of new features in an STM document delivery system.Wilton, CT June 05, 2012

The secure social media aspect of Mobile Library allows users of e-content to easily collaborate on projects. Virtual work-groups can be created for collaboration and sharing and to provide input and receive feedback through annotating, commenting, rating and reviewing. CIOs and other IT leaders see business value in a cloud platform. A cloud based scientific document delivery and content storage service requires less IT support, provides assurance that all content is delivered in a copyright compliant manner and that there is support for mobile devices.

The market innovation provided in the briefing examines the business value that meaningful collaboration provides. One of the highlights of the market technology demonstrates how strongly global companies rate the importance of collaborative creativity as a priority for market leadership. The innovation indicates that the definition of collaboration has evolved from simple document sharing to empowering teams to share their collective knowledge and expertise. This level of collaboration is only possible through the use of secure social media.

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