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Dream Jobs Abroad Through 'Expatshoring' and the Launch of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com

With the launch of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com and the new concept of 'expatshoring', North Americans can now travel the world during also furthering their careers. This is the first recruitment company to utilize the latest IT solutions to link qualified expats living in nearby countries like Mexico with companies in the United States and Canada - offering excellent career opportunities and wages to qualified expats living abroad, while together delivering huge savings to small and medium sized businesses owners in North America.

Millions of US and Canadian citizens choose to live in Mexico - where the weather is warm, the culture rich and the food spicy. Nevertheless finding stimulating employment and a decent wage is often an insurmountable problem, often sending expats back to their countries with nothing yet a tan and an unexplainable gap in their resumes. After all with the launch of new recruitment company TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com, the pioneers of 'expatshoring', qualified expats living abroad now have the possibility to furthermore their careers by working for businesses located in their home countries and earning then above the local wages.

Businesses in the US and Canada as well receive huge benefits from expatshoring, including a saving in staffing costs of for the time being 50%, during also enjoying the extra advantage of working with highly qualified colleagues who have the same accent and shared cultural linkage. As then as finding a suitable expat for their business customers, TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com enables the workings of a virtual assistant by arranging file sharing software and the latest innovation in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)/Telecommunication software.

TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com will be focused at first on serving businesses in North America however the scope for expatshoring is broad. With the benefits of similar time zones and large differences in the cost of living around the world, it is expected that in the nearly future British expats living in Africa will be serving businesses based in the UK, such as Australian expats living in Thailand may be working for Australian companies. Thanks to the concept of expatshoring and the IT communication solutions offered by TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com, businesses and expats can now connect all around the world.

The beginning of expatshoring

To celebrate the beginning of expatshoring, an Apple iPad3 plus lots more prizes are being given away with the 'Exotic Teleworking Office' contest, entered via the the Facebook page of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.

COMPANY INFORMATION: John Leishman, director of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com, has a history of successful business ventures in the tourism, hospitality and IT industries, with TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com being the fifth company he has founded. He is the founder of the The Moose Travel Network, Canada's adventure bus system for backpackers and John dreams of one day teleworking from Belize. For now even though he's happy to be living in Nelson, BC with his wife and four kids, teleworking out of his 40 year old Airstream overlooking the Purcell mountains. He is the first to admit that he has reaped the rewards of teleworking.

INTERVIEWS ARE AVAILABLE: To view interviews with teleworking expats visit the company YouTube channel. For an interview with John Leishman, Director of TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com, or any of the expats quoted above, contact Nicola Pitt or phone toll free 1 800 847 4757. Visit TeleworkingExpatsForHire.com for more information about how expatshoring can satisfy both career and travel ambitions.

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