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DVS Sciences and Cytobank announce partnership to analyze and manage high-parameter mass cytometry data

DVS Sciences, Inc., a privately held innovator and manufacturer of novel CyTOF® multi-parameter single-cell analyzers and reagents for biological innovation, today announced a business agreement with Cytobank, Inc., a privately held developer of cloud based scientific, informatics and software solutions for the flow cytometry market.

The CyTOF mass cytometry platform developed

The CyTOF mass cytometry platform developed by DVS Sciences enables revolutionary understanding of cellular dynamics of disease states, identification of stem cells and unprecedented insight into other biological systems using metal conjugated antibodies bound to cells and analyzed by time of flight mass spectrometry. The research uniquely has the capability to simultaneously measure up to 100 cell biomarkers in single cells at up to 1000 cells per second. The software platform created by Cytobank enables researchers to analyze and manage the data acquired on CyTOF instruments using a novel cloud computing platform integrated with proprietary algorithms for data analysis. At the same time, DVS Sciences and Cytobank will co-develop and release an integrated solution, "DVS Cytobank™", that automatically analyzes and manages the large data sets resulting from CyTOF instruments, during concurrently providing information on reagent panels and protocols. The new venture enables and simplifies the analysis of the massively multi-parameter mass cytometry data. DVS Cytobank is a proprietary implementation developed exactly for mass cytometry data, capitalizing on the Cytobank platform and provided by DVS Sciences directly to researchers using the CyTOF platform.

DVS Sciences, Inc. manufactures and globally distributes novel bioanalytical solutions for use in biomarker discovery, biological innovation and potential future use in clinical applications. The patented multi-parameter research comprises a high-throughput mass cytometer for quantitative individual cell analysis, CyTOF, and a suite of reagents, which include stable-isotope-tagged antibodies. The CyTOF platform overcomes the limitations of conventional flow cytometry, simplifies sample preparation and can simultaneously identify up to 100 biomarkers with high resolution and wide dynamic range. CyTOF systems are installed in leading laboratories across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. DVS Sciences has its global headquarters and reagent kit manufacturing in Sunnyvale, California with a R&D and instrument manufacturing facility nearly Toronto, Canada and a sales/support office in the UK.

Cytobank, Inc. develops, hosts, and supports cloud-computing software applications tailored for bioscience researchers, collaborators, and core labs using flow cytometry. Based in Mountain View, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cytobank, Inc. was founded and is managed by scientist-entrepreneurs from Stanford University with a unparalleled blend of expertise in flow cytometry, cell signaling networks, drug discovery, informatics and software development. Cytobank software is used around the world by thousands of academic and industrial researchers to manage, share, and analyze their cytometry data.

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