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Easy Office Phone Launches Enhanced Virtual Call Center Solution

Easy Office Phone is pleased to announce the launch of its enhanced Virtual Call Center solution. The cloud-based product allows staff to work from anywhere and seamlessly integrates the formerly separate components of tracking, reporting, monitoring and web-based management into the core phone service, delivering significant savings in costs and employee time.

Easy Office Phone, one of North America's premier providers of business Voice-over-Internet Protocol phone service announces the launch of its enhanced Virtual Call Center solution, which seamlessly integrates tracking, reporting, and web-based management into the core phone service.

Although call centers are an integral part of business operations across North America, most on-site implementations lack critical components just as detailed performance reporting and on-the-fly management capabilities. Some hardware-based solutions do offer all of these features, nevertheless are prohibitively expensive, with the cost running into tens of thousands of dollars. Using a cloud-based approach Easy Office Phone was able to deliver a single-source solution that provides the feature set call centers of all sizes require, with minimal capital outlay and at a very cost-effective monthly price point.

Active Energy, a provider of residential and commercial energy services, utilizes Easy Office Phone's Virtual Call Center to manage its call queues. Shaun Pennell, Chief Research Officer, described some of the in a class by itself benefits the service provides.

"In the past, when we had employees working from remote locations, integrating them into our call queues was impossible. Staff had to manually answer calls for the remote employees and forward them as needed. With this solution, all of our call center staff are tied at the same time regardless of where they work, and just in case all staff can see at first whether their colleagues are available or currently occupied on calls."

"We're now able to quickly and easily pull key indicators of performance and responsiveness, just as how many calls each agent is handling, how quickly on average we're answering calls, and much more. The web-based interface allows us to gather and analyze this data to the letter with a few mouse clicks," says Pennell.

The Easy Office Phone solution is custom-built

The Easy Office Phone solution is custom-built, and uses a powerful web interface to tie at the same time the fundamental components of a call center, including: the phone service itself; management and administration; detailed performance statistics; and indications of which employees are online and offline - again, even for staff working remotely.

Adam Simpson, CEO of Easy Office Phone, explained that the scalability of the solution means it's an ideal fit for businesses of all sizes.

"I think call centers are often incorrectly seen as being used exclusively by large organizations, which may have tended in the past to discourage smaller companies from considering them," said Simpson. "Our platform lets any business take advantage of the power of a virtual call center, and removes the up-front cost barrier. In my view this means a greatly expanded market reach for the service."

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