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Education minister sets out plan for digital teaching in Welsh schools

EDUCATION minister Leighton Andrews yesterday launched a drive to promote the latest hand-held digital research for teaching and learning in schools in Wales.

The learning council will provide expert guidance on the use of technology during a new online library, called Hwb, will provide software and training materials, in both English and Welsh.

The review, ordered by the Welsh government before this year, said a major digital learning system should be created in classrooms, making the use of mobile devices, wireless internet access and cloud-computing the norm.

Education minister Mr Andrews said: “Children and young people want to learn using the latest technologies available to them. It’s not unreasonable for learners, parents and teachers to expect that the research they use in their daily life can as well be used in education.

“Schools need to learn and share the best ideas. They as well need to have access to appropriate research and have the skills to use digital innovation to make the most out of it.”

Digital Leaders will be drawn from the best practitioners using digital innovation in Wales. Additional training for teachers and staff will support the teaching of computer science and IT.

The minister

The minister, speaking at a Computing at School Wales and Technocamps event at Swansea University said: “The scheme inspires young people to get involved in computer science through hands on workshops in robotics, game development and animation. It is great for encouraging young people to get involved in computer science.”

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