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Electrical storms rattle Amazon Web Services, taking Netflix

That’s the same location that was impacted by a massive failure last year that gave the Seattle company's cloud computing services a black eye.

The at once time you turn on a water faucet anywhere

The at once time you turn on a water faucet anywhere, take a second or two to imagine life without access to clean water. Many of us can’t. Nevertheless there are millions around the world who live through this reality day in day out. Calling on the tech community and friends in Seattle to come shake your tails off for Charity Water. It’s a party you don’t want to miss!

Voted "Straightway Tech Titan" at the 2012 GeekWire Startup Awards, Tableau Software is on a huge growth trajectory. The company is hiring 300 employees in 2012, particularly software engineers with talent in key areas just as interactive analytics, mobile applications, internet scale distributed systems, high performance graphics, user experience and human oriented design.

… a full-service strategic creative agency located in Seattle. Creativello is focused on everything around the art of communication: from upfront project strategy into identity/ logo creation – online just as web and social media – print just as marketing communication materials, video just as animation and graphics in motion, and much more.

The local start up community for over 21 years

HRnovations has been helping the local start up community for over 21 years. Our expertise is outsourced HR, employee benefits, and payroll. We manage the non-revenue producing work so you can focus on growing your business.

OnPR is a research-focused PR agency with experience spanning media relations, financial PR, analyst relations, vertical media relations, social media, financial relations, crisis communications, conference keynotes and panels, broadcast, print and online media. Today, OnPR works with companies involved in enterprise innovation, consumer innovation and wireless technology. We have crafted global PR strategies, implemented worldwide programs and created core materials for dozens of the world's leading International technology companies. OnPR's team is as well expert in helping 'Made in Germany' technology companies to expand overseas, and supporting those customers that want to succeed in Germany - the world's second largest IT market.

Gist provides the only full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating rich business profiles that include the most news, status updates and work details. You get all your contacts in one place, updated with the latest news, delivered where you need it. Gist works the way you do - in your inbox, on a mobile device, or in a web browser.

Internet companies and the billion dollar money drain by Luis J. Salazar 06/27/2012

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    "tableau Software Is On A Huge Growth Trajectory"