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Enhanced Tr-069 VoIP Stack for Remote Management of Fax Lawful Intercept Assets

TR-069 allows remote management of LI assets and other networked devices as so then as auto-provisioning and reconfiguration of devices that can be triggered by network events. For interception of fax transmissions, the LI system detects fax communications activity and identifies the codecs, protocols, routing, and other parameters that will be used while the transfer. Should the need arise, the LI application can reconfigure itself using TR-069 auto-provisioning to process the communications of interest.

With Fax over IP, SIP signaling and communications content will take separate routes through the network, are unlikely to use the same routing in successive sessions, and may even change routes while a transfer session due to network interruptions or congestion. The LI system has to detect these events and potentially reconfigure LI assets at multiple network interception points to capture the targeted communications. TR-069 offers the flexibility to remotely reconfigure the LI assets and respond to these changes as they occur.

The fax image extraction software is designed to work evenly well with either live input or before recorded data. Depending on the application and communications involved, interception and decoding of the telecommunications may be accomplished in nearly real-time. If signaling or content messaging is encrypted an additional step to decrypt the information is required for post processing by the image extraction applications.

VOCAL’s integrated suite of modular software helps developers rapidly implement highly interoperable standards-based solutions just as Fax Lawful Interception with Fax Image Extraction and TR-069. “Clients can leverage our integrated software suite to quickly add new features to their applications”, said Dave Jamieson, Business Development at VOCAL, “It reduces system integration efforts and gets new products to market more quickly.”

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