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EuroDNS to attend ICT Spring Europe 2012

Headquartered in Luxembourg, DCL Group is a leading Internet and e-commerce company, which includes the globally recognized EuroDNS, Datacenter Luxembourg, LuxCloud and voipGATE. Xavier Buck, Founder of DCL Group, Chairman of EuroDNS, said “An excellent possibility to network and exchange views with some of the most talented international specialists, DCL Group is pleased to support ICT Spring for the third consecutive year.” Xavier continued, “The event is the place to discover the latest ICT innovations; as such the four companies from DCL Group will be present to showcase the best solutions available with regard to domain name registration, datacentre, voice over IP and cloud services.”

The introduction of an unlimited number of new gTLDs

The introduction of an unlimited number of new gTLDs, has many implications for users and international organizations. Whilst the rewards may be huge, the responsibilities are not to be ignored. Businesses owning an entire TLD space, with an unlimited choice of domain names, will be able to communicate their brand without limit. Owning a TLD ensures complete control over policies, who is registering what name, for what end-use, and the fee for registering.

Datacenter Luxembourg was founded in 2000. The services comprise a datacenter Infrastructure, International Internet & Telco Connectivity, Managed e-Commerce and Housing Services. Server virtualization and scalable storage can be added to this list as added value services, providing businesses with more flexibility, stability and economies of scale. Datacenter Luxembourg operates out of distinct geographical facilities connected to a looped backbone. Added to that are quality bandwidth and IP through its own international looped backbone and third party ones.

Founded in 2010, LuxCloud is a market leading provider of cloud computing services, allowing companies to quickly launch and profitably deliver the cloud services demanded by small and medium sized businesses. LuxCloud offers customizable own branded solutions enabling resellers, telecoms, system integrators and service providers to sell online any and all of the services and applications available on the platform. The range of applications includes Web and Application Hosting, Messaging & Collaboration, Business Processes and Infrastructure packages.

Founded in 2004, voipGATE operates locally and worldwide as a leading operator in Voice over IP, by offering telecommunication services and local phone numbers in more than 60 countries, allowing clients to establish a virtual presence in their key markets. voipGATE has strong partnerships with key PBX (Private -Automatic- Branch Exchange) and mobile device vendors to ensure and offer its clients both flexibility and ease of use.

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