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EXTENSION Announces the Release of Version 3.0

EXTENSION, INC., the developer of an advanced healthcare communication and workflow system, announces the release of version 3.0 for inpatient and outpatient healthcare systems. Among many others, a significant improvement in 3.0 is the redesigned platform which will allow EXTENSION to add new interfaces just as clinical systems and communication devices more efficiently and improve the speed to market for future releases. Faster and more extensive technological integration will empower enterprise healthcare systems to expand the use of EXTENSION into new departments and will yield greater return on their investment.

EXTENSION's Chief Research Officer, Steve Tyler, commented, "In version 3.0, we focused on solidifying EXTENSION as a platform that can grow with our clients as their workflows evolve. Being able to add a new interface to the appliance in other words delivered as a single downloaded file and deployed through a web browser is a great example." Mr. Tyler added, "With 3.0, we took the customer's needs and challenges, translated them into innovation, and developed solutions that are focused on the user experience and positive patient outcomes."

EXTENSION sells its award-winning solutions through certified resellers. The largest impact of version 3.0 to the channel is a simplified deployment process and ability to scale. As new workflows are requested resellers will earn incremental revenue on additional EXTENSION licenses and professional services. Additionally, as clients scale across the enterprise resellers could realize greater Unified Communications sales to include Wi-Fi infrastructure and mobile devices.

Device-inclusive platform

EXTENSION remains a device-inclusive platform and integrates with Cisco, Polycom SpectraLink®, and Ascom VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, Android and Apple smartphones, Vocera communication badges, and pagers.

EXTENSION® offers award-winning solutions that facilitate instant communication between patients and clinicians. Our solutions enhance common communication devices used as clinical workflow tools by aggregating data from various clinical systems and delivering time-critical alerts to devices. The results are better patient care, increased satisfaction, and greater return on clinical and IT investments. For more, visit www.OpenTheRedBox.com.

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