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Eyeball Networks Demonstrating Next Gen Service Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Eyeball Networks, a leading developer of mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and NAT traversal software, will be at TIA 2012 in Dallas, TX June 5-7 showcasing carrier-grade VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and video telephony software development kits to conference attendees.

Single point says Matt Sims

"Subscribers are increasingly adopting software-based solutions to manage communications from a single point" says Matt Sims, Vice President of Eyeball Networks. "Instant messaging, SMS, VoIP, video telephony, and file sharing can all be wrapped up into one integrated app. Owning the customer experience means being able to offer this ability ubiquitously across any network, and on any device."

Eyeball Networks empowers network service providers to develop fully customizable IP communication applications and services using Eyeball's Messenger SDK and server products. Encompassing a full range of service delivery tools, and with guaranteed firewall and NAT traversal built in, teams can deploy new services to market quickly.

"We see service provider competition coming from all sides" says Chris Piche, CEO of Eyeball Networks. "Eyeball equips service providers with the tools, not just to defend, nevertheless to win in new markets. Owning the network as then as application and services can be a very strong advantage for service providers."

Eyeball has a suite of products available to network service providers building out then-generation services just as VoIP and video telephony. At the core of Eyeball products lie patented technologies - AnyFirewall™ Research, AnyBandwidth™ Research, and AntiSPIT™ Innovation.

Leading provider of infrastructure software

Eyeball Networks is a leading provider of infrastructure software and developer tools for enabling service providers, application developers, and device makers to deliver carrier-grade VoIP, VVoIP, and instant messaging services. Today, over 200 licensees and 20 million subscribers benefit from Eyeball's innovations.

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