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Flint Telecom to launch a strategic direction and growth

The company plans to address three key business areas must continue the transition from low-margin revenue from higher margin and value-added revenue streams. Company officials said that they will do this through existing companies and some of the pending acquisitions.

In addition, during the post-telecommunications services, organic growth is raised "white label" Voice over Internet (VoIP) services as well as VoIP and mobile services to niche players at the international level, "said company officials. Plus, a direct subscriber revenue as well as fixed and mobile network is expected to both organic growth and through acquisitions.

Vincent Browne, Chairman and CEO of Flint, said the company is positioning exploit the disruptive period in the telecommunications market, the entry of VoIP to a mainstream communication method, the growth of wireless IP services as a result the exponential growth in mobile Internet use and the inevitable convergence of both the short term.

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