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Fulcrum Teams with Skytap to Train 2

Completion of the employee training marks a key milestone in implementing Fulcrum’s CATS enterprise asset management solution at this leading mobile communication client, which is on track to go live in the second half of 2012. CATS software, which is implemented at near all Tier 1 telecommunications carriers in the U.S., is designed to track high-value assets in real-time and at that time synchronize key operational data across heterogeneous back-office systems. The level of automation achieved with CATS drives significant cost savings from improved capital equipment utilization, and spares allocation management as then as streamlined return and repair processes.

At first, Fulcrum’s client evaluated a “traditional” training approach, which required a dedicated server stacked with all of the necessary applications and sample data, as then as security compliance with their internal network. Should the contingency arise, equipment just as server hardware, SAN, and memory upgrades, was expensive and could only be used for a short period of time. Lastly, IT resources needed to be diverted from the client's main network to secure the training server, which itself presented a single point of failure that could potentially disrupt classes taking place across the country.

Great endorsement when a software company like Fulcrum

"We take it as a great endorsement when a software company like Fulcrum, which specializes in infrastructure management, turns to Skytap to help extend their infrastructure to provide a cloud-based solution for virtual training," said Brett Goodwin, VP of Marketing at Skytap. "Skytap’s on-demand, scalable cloud service empowered Fulcrum to provide this leading mobile communications company's users with additional training above and beyond the original scope of the project."

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