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Gartner Predict Cloud Computing Spending to Increase by 100% in 2016

Is it time to jump on the cloud wagon? A recent study by Gartner shows Enterprise spending on cloud computing is growing at a faster rate than overall IT spending.London, UK 19 July 2012

Before report

In an before report, Gartner revealed that cloud computing would create 14 million worldwide jobs - fuelling the cloud phenomenon and sparking new interest from multinational enterprises. Anderson furthermore predicts that the cloud will create new IT spending opportunities in the long term. Areas expected to grow with substance are: integration, customization, hybrid cloud and on-premise cloud installations.

Elsewhere in the IT industry, computing hardware sales are expected to rise by only 3.4% this year to $420 billion, compared with 7.4% growth last year.

Examples of Gartner’s predictions can be demonstrated by the recent migration of EAT, a fast growing UK restaurant chain of more than 1700 employees. “I, for one, believe that the cloud is not just another buzzword, nevertheless is in any case where the future of productivity lives,” says Cesar Ramanauskas, systems engineer at EAT. “Ultimately, it all adds up. With Google Apps for Business, our costs, risks, and storage usage shrank considerably during our user satisfaction, productivity and revenue opportunities multiplied.”

The cloud can be seen worldwide

Although migration to the cloud can be seen worldwide, many European companies are adopting the research at a slower pace than U.S. counterparts. Recent studies show that Europe lags behind the U.S. by two years, caused primarily by regulations on security, integration issues and performance and reliability concerns.

Global information research spending is now likely to increase 3 percent from a … Full Story »Gartner expects 3 pct. rise in global IT spending

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