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Hi-Tech Elderly Care when You Are Away

In the past, this elderly care problem was resolved somewhat by having a trusted neighbor/friend check in with the loved one several times a day. Today, but, hi-tech devices help relieve some family concern. The Internet, senior cell phones, electronic health alarm systems, frequent home-care visiting nursing assistants, GPS and yes, even web cams are providing relief to families with this type of situation.

Skype.Com: This totally free, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system leads the list. A video component enables families to visually observe the person during watching for any physical/habit change. Lesley Boaz, a geriatric LPN and professor at Marquette's College of Nursing believes "that face-to-face contact is actually important, especially if you're concerned about social isolation."

- Cellphone/GPS devices. Highly suggested by health care professionals, this cellphone-to-smartphone with GPS is best for keeping track of the all in all agile elderly. The new The EmSeeQ device works much as a GPS would be is moreover accurate. With over 60% of Alzheimer patients tending to roam, this is a valuable asset to families.

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