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How Liquid Technology Will Change The Future Of Work

After analysis of hundreds of data points collected around the evolution of work and collaboration, the PSFK Consulting Team noticed that designers and engineers are re-imagining the bulky and stationary design of traditional desktop computers and office equipment by creating smaller, portable versions for the mobile age. These new tools distill the essential features of printers, scanners and modems into handheld packages that are designed to seamlessly connect with mobile phones and tablets, providing convenient, on-the-go functionality.

The Spider Computer concept is a pocket-sized mobile computing device with three extending thin legs that, when propped up like a small tripod, turns any flat surface into an instant computer. Folded up, the device doubles as a functioning mobile phone.

The iDelighted dock projector is a concept for the iPad, iPhone and iPod that projects on-screen videos, documents and presentations onto any surface. Remote controlled, the device as well integrates an audio speaker, making it a convenient and flexible device for meetings, demonstrations and collaboration.

Scott Lachut is PSFK's Director of Consulting, working with a team of global researchers to provide leading companies with insights on the trends and technology that are shaping the marketplace from both a consumer and business standpoint. His previous jobs resemble multiple chapters from Studs Terkel's "Working." Away from the computer his interests skew towards cooking and lawn games.

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