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How to build the perfect home server

We want a box that we can network to store all of our files, back up the many systems we're running, and run all our shared networked services, just as printers and remote media streaming.

But the question that hangs over this enterprise like 'What the cock is the current government doing to the beloved NHS?' is: What's wrong with a good old fashioned network-attached storage box of tricks?

The truth is

The truth is, we like NAS boxes because they offer a simple, discrete way of adding network storage, often with extra services, with a minimum of hassle, outlay or power usage.

If you're willing to spend a little more, you'll get a more flexible server system including processor, memory, motherboard and a basic drive for £150 that will happily run any and all software you want, providing remote desktop access and full Windows server features.

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    Build A Home Voip Server