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IgeaCare Launches its IC2 Unified Nurse Call & Positioning Solution at Mitel Business Partner Conference 2012

Featuring enhanced positioning accuracy achieved through its in a class by itself ultrasonic research, the IC2 is an improvement over other systems utilizing inaccurate methods of positioning just as: ineffective triangulation algorithms; Radio Frequency and Infra Red locating methodologies. The use of ultrasonic innovation significantly reduces the "signal bleed" to which other methods fail, the result of this is that assets and personnel are identified in incorrect locations within a facility.

Mitel resellers leveraging the combined Unified Nurse Call Solution will be able to address day-to-day and emergency communication requirements within a wide array of HealthCare facilities just as: nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. The solution delivers nurse call, positioning, door security, escalation, notification, nurse assignment, reminders, scheduling, patient wander management, telephone communications, wireless communication and local/long distance services to each facility. Programmable and easy-to-use, the unified nurse-call communication solution requires minimal specialized training and can provide a demonstratable ROI to the facility. To boot, it allows Mitel resellers to extend their market-reach into the healthcare vertical, while together, addressing new  PBX (Private -Automatic- Branch Exchange) opportunities.

Voice-based event notification, event driven connectivity and facility-wide monitoring / positioning capabilities are three of the key features of the bundled Mitel  and IgeaCare unified nurse-call communication solution. Using the solution, facilities can measure staff responsiveness and capture detailed patient reports to strengthen communication with residents and their family members.

The IC2 delivers the 5 nines reliability

"The IC2 delivers the 5 nines reliability; easy to install and PABX line-powered - real time voice communication between caregivers and patients the market has come to demand from an IgeaCare product" - says Paul Perryman CTO, IgeaCare Solutions. "Additionally, its own self-aware, self-healing wireless mesh network will ultimately allow us to deliver high demand applications just as: patient and asset locating, wander / staff management, environmental triggers and controls, which we envision will ultimately be part of a in point of fact unified, emergency, UL1069 rated nurse call communication solution."

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