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Interview with Dell's VP of Corporate Responsibility

TT: It's thoroughly something we look at. When we look at our global philanthropy we think about the technologies that would best serve our communities. For instance, on a corporate level, we don't help build houses because our innovation is not actually helpful there, nevertheless we do focus on education, disaster relief and pediatric cancer where our research makes a difference.

The pediatric cancer is one example - it started with one signature program, which we launched with TGen, a non-profit that does cancer innovation. One of the issues they had was that per child there are about 2 billion pieces of data and what they do is that they take some of the genes out of the cancer tumor, do genetic mapping and straightway match that to a specific treatment. Processing all that data was taking, then, over a month, and we built a high-performance computing cluster for them that got it down to a day now.

Illustration because we have a huge medical practice

I give it as an illustration because we have a huge medical practice and other hospitals said to us 'this is actually interesting, we're interested in that.' So not only is it a great project, however it's as well core to what we do as a business.

Raz Godelnik is the co-founder of Eco-Libris, a green company working to green up the book industry in the digital age. He is an adjunct faculty at the University of Delaware's Business School, CUNY SPS and the New School, teaching courses in green business and new product development.

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    Interview With Dell Vp Corporate Responsibility