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ISPA nudges Telkom on local loop

Citing business and regulatory hurdles, Telkom before this month warned that it was highly impossible to meet the November deadline.

The other hand

On the other hand, Wilmari Hanni, ISPA management committee member, maintains: “The ISPA wholeheartedly endorses communications minister Roy Padayachie's commitment to the November 2011 deadline for local loop unbundling and calls on Telkom and ICASA [Independent Communications Authority of SA] to ensure that this deadline is met.”

Hanni is of the view that the unbundling of the local loop would greatly improve broadband connectivity in SA, saying this would be an effective way to kick-start furthermore competition and service delivery.

“A faster and simpler option to improve broadband and reduce costs is to allow for naked ADSL, where the telephone and ADSL line rentals are split and are not conditional on each other - this is an alternative that we believe the communications regulator should also in all seriousness consider,” she says.

She as well singles out the local loop unbundling process as the missing link to lowering broadband prices and boosting connectivity.

She is as well of the view that the unveiling of Broadband Infraco should as well play a role in helping to reduce bandwidth pricing.

The other role government has set out for it

“We hope it can successfully fulfil the other role government has set out for it, which is to drive broadband penetration, both in SA and across Africa,” she notes.

However, Hanni points out, during local broadband prices nevertheless remain higher than they should be, the introduction last year of uncapped access by certain Internet service providers has fundamentally changed the manner in which businesses approach access.

Hanni as well adds that voice-over-Internet protocol research has been proven to be able to drive down traditional telecommunication costs by as much as 30%.

Unequalled selling point to clients

“ISPs have been able to use VIOP as a unequalled selling point to clients, enabling them to not only drive down their telecommunications costs, nevertheless also to obtain the added value that comes with dealing with only one service provider for both voice and data services.”

“Competition will drive down pricing and lead to improved services and more service options for clients. Together, the increased number of Electronic Communications Network Service licences in the market has as well boosted competition,” she points out.

She explains that these licences allow service providers to build their own networks. “This has already resulted in increased choice of service and more competitive solutions for both the consumer and business markets.”

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